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cepezed has been developing, designing and realizing buildings that are both modern and timeless since 1973. The office has a broad portfolio, ranging from buildings for living and working to projects for healthcare and relaxation. We also design infrastructure and building products. From a historic building in Delft, cepezed works on the development, design and realization of a wide variety of building projects. Commissioned by clients and on our own initiative. Per independent discipline or as an integral combination of several areas of expertise. Our buildings are pleasant places to be. They exude airiness and space and are healthy. People feel both free and secure in them. A high degree of flexibility means that they can be used in different ways again and again. They are also surprising: the set-up and layout are often just a little different from buildings made by others. sustainability They are also produced differently, with a minimum of materials, which are also prefabricated and dry assembled. cepezed is highly efficient and makes the most of the available resources. We deal economically and inventively with resources: from man-hours and materials to space and finances. Sustainability does not result from this circularity, flexibility and efficiency in the utilization of materials alone. Aspects such as nature inclusivity and well-considered energy and installation concepts also make a contribution. When it comes to integrating our buildings, we are also aware of the surroundings. After all, when it comes to appearance and the space they occupy, buildings are just as much a part of the world around them. organization cepezed works with a large team of architects, building technologists and engineers and with the business units cepezedprojects for the development, cepezedbouwteam for the realization and cepezedinterieur for the inner world of buildings.

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