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March 27        13:45 till 17:45

First of all, what is a case? A case study will make you familiar with the core business of the participating companies in a practical hands-on way. Each company designed a case particularly for BAU and are looking forward to meeting you!  Together with a small group of fellow students, you will do the case study in the rooms around the Orange Hall or on an external location in Delft.

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March 27

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EN - Faculty of Architecture - room T      13:45 till 15:45

In this case KUBUS will introduce you to the Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Toolset. This toolset connects the best design tools for the different design stages on both Mac and Windows platforms.


These tools fill a gap in the design process between early stage design and Building Information Modeling. They offer solutions for seamless, bi-directional geometry transfer as well as a way to translate basic geometrical shapes into full BIM elements while adding algorithmic editing functionality.


The tool enables Rhino/Grasshopper and ARCHICAD to communicate directly in order to create and manipulate a BIM model in full or in parts through Grasshopper’s visual scripting interface. In this case you can learn how to build versatile workflows and utilize the connection between the different tools in multiple scenarios.



Gemeente Delft

NL - External location - municipality Delft              13:45 till 17:45

In de workshop wordt in verschillende groepen een bestaande locatie in de stad bestudeerd. Enerzijds de architectonische maar ook functionele mogelijkheden en kansen die je als ontwerper ziet bij een bepaalde plek. Anderzijds verdiepen we ons in welke regelgeving je zou kunnen opstellen om de ontwerper te stimuleren een zo goed mogelijk ontwerp te maken. En dan is er de buurman of –vrouw. Wat vind je ervan als er naast je woning waar je zo prettig woont een geheel nieuw bouwwerk verschijnt? Hou je wel evenveel zon op je terras en geeft al die nieuwe bezoekers niet heel veel overlast?


Wat betekenen de behoorlijk verschillende invalshoeken voor de uiteindelijke invulling van de locatie? Lukt het de belangengroepen tot elkaar te komen en is de locatie dan nog steeds op een goede manier ingevuld of ontstaat er een grijs compromis? "



Mannen v. Schuim

EN - faculty of Architecture - Berlage room 1      15:45 till 17:45

Making our circular pavilion viable


In March 2017, ZIP2516 won the competition “Challenge Kavel 2” and gave The Men of Foam the opportunity to realize a circular pavilion for 10 years on the Binckhorst in The Hague (check out the project at ZIP2516.nl).

In the past period we have worked on the financial business case of the pavilion. Now that the business case is complete, it is time to make the next step in the functional and qualitative ambition: a movable, re-assembled building, with a viable mix of functions, that puts the Binckhorst on the map.


The case that you will work on has a high degree of reality. On the basis of three essential characteristics of development we have indicated the ambition and do-don't's for ZIP2516. With this ambition you will elaborate on a part of the building

EN - external location- ABT Delft                              13:45 ill 17:45

Shoe(gaze) facade. Bring music in your sustainable design.


You may think we are joking when talking about a building envelope made from shoes. But stop and dwell on the idea for a moment and you will find it might not be all that crazy.


There are many examples of recycled materials in architecture. Recycling of building materials has become quite common. Recycling is big business! But much of what is commonly referred to as ‘recycling’ often is ‘down-cycling’.

But what if the recycling process could become more virtuous through upcycling? For that, we must not dwell on the concept of products; we must look at the potential of raw materials. It turns out many building elements can be realized with innovative materials derived from other sectors and a huge reduction of the environmental footprint of architecture can be realized if we open our eyes for the potential of these ‘upcyclable’ materials.


In this workshop we want to expand on the simple idea that materials obtained from a product at the end of its short cycle, a sneaker, can be transformed to material for building which last much longer. Imagine the opportunities.

NL - Faculty of Architecture - room U                       13:45 till 15:45

De wijk Amstel III in Amsterdam zuid-oost wordt in enkele jaren getransformeerd van een monotoon kantoorgebied naar een metropolitaan woongebied.


Amstel III wordt een levendige en gemengde wijk vol hoogbouw. Inbo ontwerpt de hoogste toren van ca 100 meter. Dit vraagt om een duidelijke hoogbouwvisie passend bij deze plek. Hoe maak je een stoere moderne woontoren? Hoe bouwen we aan een community die daar de katalysator voor de verandering kan zijn? Wie wil er wonen en wat voor woningen passen daarbij?


Ontwerp jij mee aan het imago van Amstel III?


EN - Faculty of Architecture - Room T                      13:45 till 15:45

Design & build your wildest model ever

Mystic Edgar Cayce once said that dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.


We believe it is every architect’s duty to never get burdened by daily shenanigans and keep dreaming of a better future. We would like to tell you about the things that inspire us and show you current projects in which we try to leave behind conventions and aim to find new ways of building a sustainable and stimulating environment.


Please join us for a workshop in which we take inspiration from Michael Reynolds and you get to design AND build your wildest model ever.



D.B.S.G. Stylos

Faculteit Bouwkunde

Julianalaan 132-134

2628 BL Delft


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