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Groosman 09.30-12.30 Berlage I We believe it’s the architects duty to build not just for now, but also for the future. How do you intergrate the unknown and still create spaces that are fit for day-to-day live? And what does this mean in a social context of every changing interaction? We’d like to take you on a dream journey to the future on how to create buildings for the next society.
Rijksvastgoed 09.30-12.30 Berlage II De municipality of Zwolle is busy with the redevelopment of the areas surrounding its city canal. Working and living environment are attuned to each other. Close to the city canal is a government building that will be sold. The Central Government Real Estate Agency and Chief Government Architecture Agency work together with the municipality to draw up a plan to give this government building a new function that fits within the desired environment. Composing this plan is the last link in this area development. What will you contribute? We challenge you to think along! Many interests are involved in the transformation or sale of government property. From users to local residents. During the workshop, the role of the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the cooperation with other parties will be examined. A first step is taken as a contribution to a document in which principles for a (re)design of the government building and its surroundings are formulated.
Witteveen + Bos 14.00-17.00 Berlage I We challenge you to think beyond borders and invite you to join the case study of Witteveen+Bos! In this case study you will work together with your fellow group members on a multidisciplinary design for the Dutch pavilion of the world Expo 2020 located in Dubai. Innovation and sustainability are key principles! Witteveen+Bos is a company that provides consultancy and engineering services worldwide in the fields of infrastructure, water, the environment, spatial development and construction. Our multidisciplinary approach to projects is the distinctive feature of the way we work. As for this case it does not matter whether you are a constructor, project manager, architect or sustainability expert, all different disciplines are more than welcome to combine knowledge and expertise and contribute to an out of the box design. Be ready to perform under high time pressure and for a boost of creativity that will inspire you! Please bring your laptop and other presentation materials with you, we hope to see you on the 25th of March!
BenthemCrouwel Architects 14.00-17.00 Berlage II Benthem Crouwel believes it is important to always look for solutions in consultation and cooperation with the customer and other stakeholders to solve problems. The recently completed Goede Doelen Loterijen project in Amsterdam is a good example of this, but the Noord/Zuid line alone is due to the long duration (around 20 years). also an example of staying in contact with all parties involved. This approach is characteristic of the working method of Benthem Crouwel Architects. In this workshop we want to practice using brainstorming techniques how to solve a problem in a creative way, that involves the client and other stakeholders. We base this on the book Integrated Creative Problem Solving by Jan Buijs and Han van der Meer and use their techniques as diverging, clustering, selecting and role playing. We are open to ideas: it is easy to kill an immature idea. This case will be given by: - Lavinia Spruit (alumni TU Delft Bouwkunde and architect atBenthem Crouwel); - Sophie Dikmans (alumni TU-Delft Bouwkunde en assistent designer at Benthem Crouwel) - Sophie Hengeveld (master student TU-Delft Bouwkunde and assistent designer at Benthem Crouwel).
Plein 06 14.00-17.00 Room E Rotterdam stands for a major housing project. 18,000 homes will be added in the next 4 years. How can you keep the city livable and prevent all open (sports) fields from being taken. Urban development will be complex and built. Public spaces merge horizontally and vertically. We organize a design studio around one of our projects with various experts from our team. From urban designers to landscape designers, with specializations in climate adaptation, circularity and inclusiveness. The developer and the municipality will also join the case. We would like to invite you to design with your talent or design power. Just as we would do at our agency, where you can learn from us and we can learn from you!
Cityförster 14.00-17.00 Room J The case we present you with concerns a small actual design task of our office. We’re currently constructing a major hybrid building in the city center of Fier, the third city of Albania and an important industrial and agricultural hub. As a relict from the communist past there is a weird triangular property next to our building. We have been approached by the owners, who have just been restituted their property, to make a proposal for a construction there. The challenge is to find an appropriate shape for the building within the constraints of a tight urban envelope; a program that reflects the prominent position of the building and is commercially viable and to establish a dialogue with the neighbouring ensemble consisting of a park, a sunken plaza and our terraced, urban hybrid.


March 25 9.00 TILL 17:00 A case study will make you familiar with the core business of the participating companies in a practical hands-on way. Each company designed a case particularly for BAU and are looking forward to meet you! Together with a small group of fellow students, you will do the case study at our architecture faculty. On this page you will find the content for every case study organised on March 25.



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