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On March 25th the annual Business at University Fair would have been held at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Due to the measures taken by the RIVM, the TU Delft, and the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment against the coronavirus, BAU 2020 could not take place physically. However, we can proudly announce that BAU 2020 will go online. From May 11th to May 15th you can visit our Online Information Platform, right here, where you can take a look at all participating companies, that would originally be behind their stands. You can watch videos in which companies introduce themselves and read their stories about working methods, projects, etc.

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Welcome to our online orange hall! Would you like to get in touch with the companies? Visit the Online Business Fair at May 13th where you can visit the stands and have a chat with the companies. The links for the fair will be available on may 13th Leave your online business card for a personal conversation If besides the interactive business fair you would like to get in more personal contact with a specific company you can sign up via the link below. By signing up you will be able to give your digital business card to a company participating in BAU Online. Through this they will get in contact with you to answer all your specific questions or just to have a chat. The companies that you decide to share your business card with will get in contact with you at a later time, it is not an event taking place during BAU Online.


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Welcome to the Interactive Business Fair! Note for students! When entering the Interactive Fair via Zoom you will meet one of our hosts. The Host will ask you which company you want to speak and sends you to one of the Breakout Rooms. Once you have finished your meeting you can leave the Breakout Room and go back to the Main Room. There you can ask the Host for another meeting and so on. Mute your speaker when you enter a meeting and wait for the right moment to ask your questions without bothering someone else.
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